Signs It’s Time For Auto Glass Repair Oakville Service

It’s tempting to drive around with a slightly cracked windshield. After all, it might seem like a hassle to have to go in for auto glass Oakville repair. Driving around with that chip or spider web crack, however, is a bad idea that could quickly become worse if Auto Glass Repair Oakville isn’t considered as soon as possible.

When a windshield is chipped, even slightly, or obviously cracked, the situation can turn dangerous fast. Here are a few signs that it’s time to pick up the phone and inquire about Auto Glass Oakville Repair:

  • Visible windshield damage – Even a tiny chip can quickly become a major auto glass repair Oakville job if it is left unattended. A chip is a vulnerable spot in the glass that can, and likely will, spread as a vehicle is driven. Regular road vibrations are often enough to promote spread of the imperfection.
  • Water leaks – Windshields are meant to be water tight. If they’re not, there’s a leak somewhere. If left unattended, a water leak can cause major damage to the interior of a vehicle. Getting auto glass Oakville repair prevents problems before they become big ones.
  • Visibility is impaired – This is an obvious reason to look into auto glass repair Oakville services, but many motorists try to “work around” imperfections in their glass. If visibility is impaired, however, replacement or repair should be an immediate concern. This is a dangerous driving situation that can harm not only the motorist, but others on the road.

At Star Auto Glass, we’re standing by to help Oakville residents with all their repair and replacement needs. We even work directly with insurance companies to ensure our customers pay as little as possible. Our services include repair and replacement of windshield. If a windshield doesn’t need to be fully replaced, we can save customers time and money.

Driving around with a chipped or cracked windshield just isn’t safe. Call us today at 905-526-0333 to find out more about our auto glass repair and replacement services.