An auto window replacement can take a good few hours and that is not because the technician is less-than-dexterous, but because they know how to do the job meticulously to the last detail. Some of Hamilton window replacement shops may return your vehicle in a matter of hours, but that kind of speedy delivery often comes with the risks of error. Windshield installation is more than greasing the frame with gum and slamming the screen onto it. How trained technicians do it is as explained below, in the order given.

  • The process commences with an elaborate examination of the existing damage which leads to the understanding of whether a replacement is necessary in the given case.
  • Considering the owner chooses to go with a replacement, they take out the door panels to gain full access to the remaining portions of the glass. For a windscreen, they take it off its frame for disposal.
  • They vacuum the frame and the sides to suck out every last particle of glass sticking to the sides.
  • Gum is lathered on the frame in adequate quantity so that it can hold the heavy glass firmly in its place.
  • Upon client’s approval on the product, they insert it into the rubber panel where the older glass stood before.
  • The remaining grease and gum are wiped out using industry cleansers.
  • The gum is left to dry for about 6 hours minimum.

Auto experts at the top Hamilton window replacement centers recommend 12 hours of rest following the job before the vehicle is driven again.