Stone Chip Repair Hamilton Is A Fast, Affordable Solution

Motorists often worry that even the smallest chip or ding in their windshields will end up costing them a lot of time or money. That’s simply not always the case. Stone chip repair Hamilton service can often have drivers back on the road in no time at all.

Windshield repair service is different than a full replacement. The process takes less time and doesn’t require a big investment of money either. When it’s considered an appropriate alternative to full replacement, it’s often highly recommended in lieu of the more costly and time consuming venture.

Here’s when stone chip repair Hamilton or other repair service makes the most sense:

  • A chip in a windshield is small – Repair service can often be performed if the damage to the windshield is contained to one small area. The rule of thumb is generally about the size of coin or less. Getting a repair made immediately can restore the integrity of the windshield glass and put motorists back on the road in no time. Keep in mind, that if the chip also includes radiating lines, a replacement might need to be performed instead.
  • A windshield is leaking – Repairs can often also be performed to correct issues with leaky windshields. If water or wind is getting inside the vehicle, there’s a problem that does need attention.

Windshield repairs, by their very design, don’t take as long as full replacements. If a replacement is needed, however, motorists can rest assured Star Auto Glass will have them covered. We are proud to offer our customers a full line of services designed to meet their specific repair or replacement needs. Driving around with broken or chipped glass is just plain dangerous. We’re here to remedy the issue and get customers on the road in as little time as possible.

To find out about our stone chip repair services in Hamilton, pricing and scheduling, just give Star Auto Glass a call today at 905-526-0333. We offer the lowest prices guaranteed and we even pay up to $500 in insurance deductibles for replacement work to keep costs low for all our customers.