Windshield repair clinics in Hamilton follow a three-step process to their repair works. Though this may not be the case for all, but it is a norm with most body shops in Hamilton. They break down the process of repair into three steps- preparation, repair and after work. So, here is how a broken windshield is mended at a windshield repair center in Hamilton.


In the first step, the technicians clean up all dirt and grime accumulated in the recesses of the cracks. This is not exactly as simple as it sounds. They make use of vacuum or dusting brushes to gently push out all dirt and leftover pieces of glass from the site of repair to make sure no pressure is applied to the crack.


Cracks are repaired by injecting adhesive into the fine lines of the crack. It may require more than one pump to fill all the crevices. A magnifier is often used to make sure that all the crevices are filled with the glue. The adhesive used for repairing cracks is clear and thus gets mixed with the transparent surroundings with ease.


In the final stage, the technicians clean up all the excess gum and wipe the surface clean, but not with a duster or a sponge. They first use UV beams to dry up the extra gum and then peel it off from the surface of the glass without disturbing the freshly mended site of damage.